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History and Reform of Power Sector in Tripura

The Power Supply industry in Tripura was under the control of the Department of Power, Government of Tripura till 31st December 2004. The Department of Power, Government of Tripura was entrusted with Generation, Transmission, and Distribution including Rural Electrification since inception. The Department of Power had remained a beneficiary constituent of North Eastern Regional Electricity Board. Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited had started functioning w.e.f 1st January 2005. Subsequently TSECL has taken over the entire existing network along with asset of erstwhile Department of Power for operating and maintaining the power supply industry in the State of Tripura. The State has a Population of 31.91 Lakhs as per 2001 census and spread over 10,486 sq. km. in 4 districts comprising of 4 major towns and 870 villages. The state is predominantly agrarian with few small scale industries.
In line with the provision of the MOU between Ministry of Power, Govt. of India and Government of Tripura, the State Government decided to introduce reforms in the power sector in the state and restructure the sector with objectives of creating the conditions for the sustainable development of the power sector in the state and improving the efficiency of services to the people of Tripura. So, in 2002, the Government of Tripura entrusted the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad to provide consultancy services to assess restructuring options and recommend suitable organisation structure for the power sector. The assignment also included inter-alia the financial restructuring plan and formulation of implementation programme.

As per the ASCI recommendations, Tripura Electricity Regulatory Commission (TERC) was set up on 31st May 2004 and subsequently, Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited (TSECL), Agartala was incorporated under the Indian Companies Act-56 on 9th June 2004 as a State owned Company with authorised equity share capital of Rs.10 crores. It has been made functional under, section 131 & 133 of the IE Act 2003, w.e.f 1st January 2005 with the operational control of all assets related to Generation, Transmission, Distribution & its allied activities related to power sector of Tripura and with objective of creating conditions for the sustainable development of the power sector along with improvement in efficiency of services to the consumer in particular and the State at large.

Existing Power System


Name of Project Installed Capacity Effective Capacity
Gumti H.E Project 5x3=15.00 MW 8.5 MW
Baramura Gas Thermal Project 21x1=21.00 MW 21.00 MW
Rokhia Gas Thermal Project 8x4+21x2=74.00 MW 50.00 MW
Total 110.00 MW 79.50 MW

    Transmission and Distribution Network

Particulars  Line  Sub-Station Capacity
132 KV  387.63 CKM 10 Nos. 200.00 MVA
66 KV 380.20 CKM 13 Nos. 165.50 MVA
33 KV 504.52 CKM 35 Nos. 217.95 MVA
11 KV 7687.18 CKM 5915 Nos. 484.81 MVA
LT 13849.05 CKM    
HT:LT Ratio

1 : 1.80

The state power systems in the North Eastern Region are integrated with 400/220 kV network of Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. The power system of Tripura is connected to these power systems of the neighbouring states in the North Eastern region at 132 kV. This provides the stable operation for the state power system.

Consumer Profile



No. of Consumer  % of Total
DOMESTIC 348551 88.26%
COMMERCIAL 36760 9.31%
INDUSTRIAL 3780 0.96%
BULK SUPPLY 376 0.10%
OTHERS 739 0.19%

Commercial Overview


Total Consumers 394898 No

% coverage of Households 59.44%

100% Metering up to 11 KV Level

100% Computerized Energy Billing to be Achieved by 2009

Average Cost of Supply Rs. 2.74 /kWh

Average Rate of Realization Rs. 2.58 /kWh

Annual Per Capita Consumption 192.48 kWh



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