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Name Designation Tele phone No.
Mr. S. K. Ray Chairman-cum-Managing Director 0381 2228001 / 2319427
Mr. M.K.Chowdhury Director (Tech.) 0381 2207814
Mr. K. L. Das General Manager (Tech) 9436503331
Mr. N. C. Das General Manager (Tech) 9436470632
Mr. S.G. Choudhury General Manager (Fin) 9436927506
Mr. P. Deb Chowdhury AGM (Gen. & Trans.) 9436501740
Mr. M. Debbarma AGM (DP&C)/AGM (C&SO) 0381 2307433 / 9436120134
Mr. D. Debnath DGM (Corporate) 0381 2326613 / 9436459045


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