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The current load factor of Tripura system is 47% and the same is adopted over the period of next year as the demand is mostly domestic, commercial, public lighting etc. which occurs only few hours a day. The peak demand may get reduced if the load factor improves.

TSECL has undertaken various schemes for strengthening and extending its T&D network.

Progress of New Works


Accelerated Power Development Reform Programme (APDRP)

Sl. No. Name of scheme Sanctioned Project Cost
1. 100% metering of the feeders in the entire State, metering of Distribution Transformers, Consumer metering & augmentation of sub-transmission & distribution system in West Tripura District. 13.27
2. Metering, computerisation, sub-transmission & distribution scheme for Agartala Town. 14.27
3. Sub-transmission and distribution improvement for Outer Agartala. 20.57
4. Sub-transmission and distribution improvement for South Tripura District. 31.11
5. Sub-transmission and distribution improvement for North Tripura District. 28.7
6. Sub-transmission and distribution improvement for Dhalai District. 18.99
7. SCADA / DMS scheme for Agartala town. 23.65
  TOTAL: 150.56

APDRP Scheme was launched in Tripura during 2001-2002. Since then total 7 nos. APDRP Schemes have been sanctioned for a total project cost of Rs.150.56 Crores. Out of these two schemes of 100% metering of the entire State and strengthening of sub-transmission and distribution network of West District for project cost of Rs.27.54 Crores were under implementation upto FY 2004-05. During FY 2005-06 programme for implementation of balance work of the first two schemes and the newly sanctioned 4 schemes for North Tripura District, Dhalai District, South Tripura District & Outer Agartala including SCADA/DMS Project at Agartala Circle has been taken up.

Consumer metering / service connection / defaulter status

Distribution Power Map of Tripura

Notification dated, Agartala, the 11th January, 2005.

Service Connection Details

Consumer Details

Tariff Schedule


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